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Dressing Room Spoiler

If you're done checking out the fun, interactive features in Elvis' dressing room, see this list and make sure you found all the interactive elements.

Dressing room

  • Costumes — Click to see costume details.
  • Poster — Click to get desktop wallpapers.
  • Song List — Click to see a representative song list.
  • Radio — Click to hear sound clips.
  • TV — Click to view video clips.
  • Guitar — Click to play chords.
  • Pictures on Mirror — Click to see it with a caption.
  • Telegrams — Click to view a gallery of telegrams.
  • Silk Scarf — Click and watch it fall.
  • Colonel Parker's Scrapbook — Click to zoom in on several pages.
  • Air Vent — Click to hear Elvis on-stage monologues.
  • Light Switch — Click to see glow-in-the-dark poster.